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Entering The Mathematical  Universe

Natural Sets, Mathematical Logic, Set Theory and Mathematical Proofs

M A T H E S I S - The Mathematical Universe - Year 1, Semester I, Course n° 1

"Entering the Mathematical Universe" gives you access to the following:

The basics of set theory, from which all objects of modern mathematical science are described
Specific mathematical expression, natural mathematical logic and rigorous use of mathematical symbols  
Intuitive properties of natural sets of numbers (natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers)
The usual proof rules in mathematics, the proof of your first theorems, and an elementary theory of natural sets
23 lessons, 45 figures, 82 pages, numerous examples and exercises at an accessible level to illustrate and complement the theory

E-book, 79 pages, .pdf 

17 $

23 lessons, 45 figures, 79 pages, 1 month training

A solid foundation for getting started in Mathematics

Self-study in fail-safe mode

23 simple high-level lessons, integrating theory and practice, to give you a solid start to your mathematics learning

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