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Sets, Applications  and Numeration

From Finite Sets to Mathematical Infinity

M A T H E S I S - The Mathematical Universe - Year 1, Semester I, Course n° 2

"Sets, Applications and Numeration" gives you access to the following:

The complements of set theory (Cartesian products, relations and applications) essential to all higher mathematics
The elementary theory of mathematical functions: injectivity, surjectivity, bijectivity and number of elements or "cardinality"
The basics of combinatorics or finite set theory, through numbering and enumeration
A fundamental study of mathematical infinity, culminating in an intrinsic characterisation of infinite sets, and preparing the axiomatic study of arithmetic
18 lessons, 23 figures, 66 pages, numerous examples and exercises at an accessible level to illustrate and complement the theory

E-book, 66 pages, .pdf 

17 $

18 lessons, 23 figures, 66 pages, 1 month training

A complete course on finite set theory and mathematical infinity

Self-study in fail-safe mode

18 advanced lessons, integrating theory and practice, towards a rigorous understanding of mathematical finiteness and infinity

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